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Medical Technology In 2018

Digital Contact Lenses

Digital contact lenses enhanced by augmented reality allow diabetes patients to measure their glucose levels in blood from tears. This will change and revolutionize the way of treatments by far.

Medical 3D prints

Medical 3D printing is one of the most extraordinary achievements. It allows the appearance of 3D printed drugs, prosthetic hands, bionic ears and much more. It’ll change the pharmaceutical word.


iKnife or the intelligent surgical knife has brought some innovations to the surgical table. Instead of using surgical steel, it is now possible to use electrical current to make incisions.

Medical Technology

Multifunctional radiology

Multifunctional radiology is one of the biggest developments lately. Radiology is known as the fastest growing area of medicine and a new machine will improve the treatments in many ways.


Genetically modified neurons sound like complete fiction but it’s possible to control living tissue cells by the use of light in order to express their ion channels sensitive to light.

Gene therapy

Genes of human beings are still not completely understood but this year will see the resolution of this. Customized therapy is not only a vision anymore, it will become reality.



When it comes to the latest medical research this year, one of the biggest news would most certainly be the ability to change skin cells into stem cells by activating a single gene. With the use of CRISPR genome activation, researchers have found out that it is possible to create first stem cells. This could be one of the most significant discoveries since the discovery of penicillin and the things they could do with stem cells are simply astonishing.

The Importance Of Technology

When it comes to technology in medicine, it is crucial to say that it plays the most important role because it brings innovation in sustaining health. The development of medical equipment and devices, information technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, all these areas can significantly improve the health of people all over the world. Any innovation in this field is more than welcomed as it might bring a new solution to the table where each decision might determine the life of a patient.

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