Resimplify is where all interfaces get reviewed.

Like the screen in front of you, interfaces are everywhere. They are also expanding quite quickly. The problem is, not many are publicly analyzing current interfaces and thinking of how they could be improved.

That is where we come in. We rethink interfaces by focusing on the function rather than the style, even though we have taste.

Structures, layouts and reasonings behind interfaces are brought into the spotlight for us to critique.

Think of your screen as the top, most visible layer — the interface. And the experience, what we all care about, is underneath. Functions are concrete. Forms can be played with.

We could say we don't care about how something looks. That's not true. Looks matter, otherwise it really wouldn't be an interface. Looks are the beginning to capturing our attention. What follows is peeling back that top layer.

This is what we do best. This is Resimplify.

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works. — Steve Jobs

To better understand Resimplify, and why our values and views on design are the way they are, you need to know our story.

Derek Jensen, our founder, spent most of his childhood sketching buildings and parking lots for his 'Micro Machines' and building very purposeful, clean environments with his Legos.

In his early teens he developed the desire to draw floor plans of homes. While his father was designing their family home, Derek realized how much design, and its ability to solve a problem in an artful way, meant to him.

Fast forwarding to college, Derek became active in blogging. Being the technology opinion columnist for the Iowa State Daily, he realized that more people were relying on handheld devices to get them through the day.

In 2012, he purchased an iPhone with the iOS apps serving a purpose in his life due to the added convenience of internet practicality anywhere and everywhere. Soon after, he joined 'Dribbble', a "show and tell for designers." 

Derek began sketching interfaces for his ideas as well as critiquing and helping to improve the works of others. Design to him is minimal. Minimal in a way that it eliminates personality in favor of personal intent. His style is minimal only for the sake of simplicity and the idea of process and progression. Design will always be at his core.

Resimplify is based upon the idea of rethinking what exists for something better understood. 

Resimplify is and will continue to push design forward by reviewing & critiquing interfaces.